About me

My name is Hannah, I am an open-minded german girl married to a wonderful mexican guy. We live in Mexico and have a little experience when it comes to cultural differences in a relationship. We met about 5 and a half years ago when I first came to Mexico and fell in love. We lived together for a while but then decided to have a long-distance relationship because we both wanted to go to University in our home countries. So for about 3 year we only saw eachother every 6 months or so. Now we live together for good and for real in Mexico and just got married.

In this blog I want to share with you what it means for a marriage to come from two completely different cultures speaking different languages, what’s it like to live in this beautiful country called Mexico as a white european girl and how to handle Machismo. There are the classic clichés – Germans think are super organised and always on time, mexicans lay below a cactus with their sombrero and drink Tequila all day long… But I am going to tell you the truth!